It’s possible.

You can be young, married, have children, have a career, and live life…simultaneously. I’m not sure where society decided that you have to do one at a time, but ummm hello? *waves* People actually do this.

I created this blog for everyone — not just moms and wives. I wanted people to see that it’s not a requirement to lose yourself in a sea of dirty diapers and spaghetti sauce just because you have transitioned to Mrs. Mom. I’m still me, and you all can relate. (Yes, I’m telling you)

My life is not picture perfect, and this ain’t no mommy blog. If you’re looking for advice, I don’t have it. What I do have are experiences. I still enjoy a wild night out with the girls here and there, I still flirt with my husband and agonize over looking cute for him. I say curse words and watch the trashiest reality t.v. with the best of them.

I didn’t invent this wheel, which you can clearly see by my stories, but if I could offer just the smallest ounce of laughter, inspiration, motivation, hateration, whatever–then I’ve done my job. Take from it what you may, these are the adventures and musings of an unapologetic twenty-something, married, mom. And this is my real life actually.

We look quite fancy, if I do say so myself.

We look quite fancy, if I do say so myself.




6 thoughts on “aboutME

  1. Nia owens says:

    I love this !!! Great read !!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Omg. I am completely obsessed with your style. You, in some ways, remind me of a completely unconventional genius. Myself of course. Ahahah. I’m a new fan ♡ can’t wait to find more time between 2 new blogs, 2 kids and step kid, going back to school, full time work, ocassional sex and refusing to “let myself go” so that I can read more!!! High five to all the moms who love their kids AND themselves. JUST SAYIN.

    • Necewrldpeace says:

      Thanks Elizabeth! lmao to “occasional sex”! Kudos to the unconventional geniuses like ourselves 🙂

  3. Beautiful family! Love your authenticity!

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