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On Boundaries & Reclaiming My Space.

When I was invited to spend an evening with Marlon Wayans for the premier of his new show Marlon on NBC, I thought of every excuse not to go.

Excuse #1: For what media outlet? I haven’t touched this blog in almost 2 years. Who am I? I am no one.

Excuse #2: I’ve never done this before AND I don’t even know where the battery for my DSLR camera is. (because I’m too green to know that there would be a professional photog *facepalm)

Needless to say I went, and while I was there to create buzz around the premier of Marlon, It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave with a little life lesson in my back pocket.

I promise my mouth isn’t this big. Source: Alicia Renece Photography

Source Alicia Renece Photography

Source: Alicia Renece Photography

Me and Marlon! Source: Alicia Renece Photography

Those of us who relate to the world by sharing our stories, often struggle with boundaries. How do I balance sharing with y’all, and respecting people’s privacy like DJ Khaled taught me?

Marlon’s new self-titled show is loosely based on his life. It’s a family sitcom that offers a peek into the life of a divorced couple, closely co-parenting their children and still operating as a family. I took this opportunity to ask him how he sets boundaries when he’s developing his show topics. It was refreshing for him to echo the same concerns with his children and how they feel about him putting all their business in the streets. (In fact those seem like the only opinions that matter to him). My major takeaway from his response, was that you get a feel for everyone’s personal boundaries and act accordingly.

“I’ve made a couple mistakes, but you get to learn, ok–who’s sensitive and who’s not and you go from there.”

“I think everybody in my life understands who I am…My whole purpose is not to hurt the feelings of people in my life, my purpose is to extract the things that may be painful and turn those things into a smile”

And there it is. Dassit.

Life has a way of forcing you to sit still. Sometimes things happen so fast that you’re forced to just stand there and watch it happen. 2016 (and the first half of 2017) was a lot like that. Partly because I lacked the energy or inspiration to pull words together, partly because I just didn’t feel like it, but mostly because I felt conflicted about the direction my content was going in. 400-something days later and a drafts folder full of unfinished posts, I’ve realized that I don’t feel as guilty about being absent from this space as I think I’m supposed to, and it took that time away to realize that all of you come here because you like reading my stories. So I’m gonna write my stories.

My purpose is to share pieces of my life that inspire others and normalize parts of our lives that we think only we experience. Not only should I NOT feel anxiety about sharing, but I should share more, because every time I do, I’m making somebody feel a little more normal, prompting somebody to do a self-check, or showing someone something that I wish I would have known. And the responses that I get always let me know that it’s necessary.

Who knew a fool like Marlon Wayans could get me to feel comfortable enough to return to this space? If for no other reason than that (besides the fact that the show is hilarious) I’ll def be tuning in, I hope y’all will too! Check out the trailer below!

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My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.


The disrespect.

The disrespect.


Picture this.

It’s a Thursday morning. I’m leaving the house at 7:45, when I should have left at 7:15. To my surprise, the traffic is light. It’s 8:05 when I get to a point in my commute that usually determines my fate of being on time for work or not–I turn onto the ramp and it’s looking like NOT.

Traffic was at a complete standstill as soon as I got off of the ramp to merge onto the highway.


I take my little deep breath because clearly that’s all I can do right now besides listen to Beyonce’ and be late. After moving  about 50 feet, I look at the clock. 8:15.

*blink blink* Seriously?

At the rate we’re going. It would have surely taken me an hour to even get to the bridge leading into downtown. I can’t make any turns, all I can do is inch right along with everyone else. I finally get to a point where the median breaks and there’s that lane in the middle where you can bypass everyone if you want to make a left or a right turn? You know? So what do I do? Something that I’m sure was illegal. I make my way allll the way down to the light bypassing everyone and find myself at the foot of the Douglass Bridge in 2minutes. *hair flip* Home Free! I can still make it to work by like 8:45 at this point. Cool?

Yea, no. So I’m making headway across the bridge, jamming to some adult themed tunes courtesy of Beyonce’ when I realize that my car hasn’t moved in about 10 minutes.


I look at the clock. 8:47. I have at least 15 more minutes until I get to my parking garage. I eventually move past this traffic–it was a car accident. OK fine.

I’m finally on 7th Street. Home free! I’ll be at work in like two minutes. As soon as I can get past this traffic light. So I’m sitting at the light. There’s maybe two cars in front of me. Suddenly my body jerks forward, my head hits the steering wheel and I’m just confused.

“Did someone just run into the back of me?”

Yes. Yes someone did. In fact he ran into me at full speed as I’m sitting completely still. I could tell from the impact that my car was damaged. So I put my car in park and proceed to exit my vehicle for the obligatory exchange of information. Before I could get my foot on the ground to get out, The offender is at my door apologizing and asking me to pull up onto G street where there’s less traffic so we can exchange information. Fair enough.

I make my left onto G Street and pull over. He makes his left onto G Street, drives past me, bucks a quick right, zooms through a stop sign and speeds away.

*deep sigh*

**UPDATE: My insurance company just cut me FAT check. *sticks tongue out to Mr. hit-and-run*

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